FALL OUT (prod. fish)

FALL OUT (prod. fish)

mixed by me

now it’s the fall out
they seen me fall down
i stay up, ain’t gon change, ain’t gon crawl out
now i go all out
i seen a lot now
been thru hell, tell you i seen it all now, oh
no lie, they seen me die they seen me rise
oh i, i seen him die he’s in the sky

ain’t wanna live when times was rough
now what can i not overcome
now when new problems are to come
when it’s problem after problem
who gon solve em? i look up
ion know who know me more
who do i go before?
ion even know myself
i just pray to God i get my award
i could never go back
last days are my past
do that, i go bad
if i do that, i won’t last
too many stabbed me in the back
fuck my cousin, he just do it for a bag
motherfucker killed me for his act
when i thought family’s all i had
and that’s my biggest issue with trust
at least that motherfucker ain’t blood
he made me bleed, i love my blood bitch


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