Neglect (Prod. tomcbumpz & Kurt Stewart)

Neglect (Prod. tomcbumpz & Kurt Stewart)

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Max Wells – Neglect

mixed/mastered by ℒund


First off, are you in a rush?
I see you shaking with your cigarette..
Next you naked in your siloutte
Im gon have to be the one to heal that heart that’s been neglect..
‘You got my all but it’s not enough
In my head doin somersaults
First fall it would come along

Don’t you ever think I don’t know when when you’re in my room
Stuck on me I lay you down with super glue
Now im all alone, we aint talking
So its who are you?

Hit me on my new line
“323” one, not my “512”
I couldn’t lie to you
Won’t go home
If I open up and my heart been closed

Lately I been distance but I swear it still my mission to bring back what u been missin
Changin up with every color like they barely know it difference
Sup with that?
Gimme couple Days and I’ma kill it
Pump my break before I beat it
Just to re-soak up the feelin of the track
It’s too early
I don’t feel it
Pop a wheelie
Out the dealership and flip til I’m walkin on my back
All the way in California
But you stuck in Arizona
Im still Tryna fit my on to your map

Really feeling like I was made for you
If you tell me to Ima wait for you
Put my heart up in a box and I lock it all away yeah you know I keep it safe for you
I be having days but you leave me in a daze
BB on my count a couple of new mistakes
Worried bout your old love like it was yesterday
You aint show me no love
I used the rest to stay
Yeah its an ecstacy
When you right next to me
I used the rest of my time for the recipe
It could a be castastrephe
Leading you after me
Why do they go, how they have to be?


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