To The Moon

To The Moon

Written & Produced by Quinton Brock
Recorded & Engineered by

Performed by:
Quinton Brock (Vocals)
Griffin Smith (Guitar)
Peter Enriquez (Guitar)
Don Hanson (Bass)
Gengis Don (Drums)

Quinton Brock’s debut single, “To The Moon,” radiates with Brock’s raw talent, charismatic lyricism and the kinetic energy that pushed him back into the light. It’s a shape-shifting track deftly weaving surf, punk and hip hop sensibilities into a sound too frenetic to sit in one box. Between blasts of shimmering guitars and sugary melodies, Brock paints a vivid picture of his world as a Black man in a tumultuous time. It’s equal parts meditative and cathartic. A record that conveys and rises above rock’s latest trends all at once.

Rock,Indie,Alternative Rock,Alternative,Punk,Punk Rock

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