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live drums performed and written by @jordancd3 i forgot how the cold really warms my heart still im drenched in the blood of my former love spent my last 2 cents tryna make things right but this bottle cant find me the route to...

live drums performed and w...

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LITTLE GODZ by Holy Wars Listen to more of Holy Wars music Follow Holy Wars: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Spotify: Apple Music: SoundCloud: Video Credits: Starring: Ashley Hayward Kat Leon Matt Cohen Dolly Denko Jesus Bartolacci Yousef Abu Taleb Fre Pacheco Adele Jackson Directed by Erin Naifeh and Kat Leon Edited by Fre Pacheco...

LITTLE GODZ by Holy Wars L...

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To The Moon

Written & Produced by Quinton Brock Recorded & Engineered by Performed by: Quinton Brock (Vocals) Griffin Smith (Guitar) Peter Enriquez (Guitar) Don Hanson (Bass) Gengis Don (Drums) Quinton Brock's debut single, “To The Moon,” radiates with Brock’s raw talent, charismatic lyricism and...

Written & Produced by Quin...

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Cotton Candy Lemonade

"Cotton Candy Lemonade" out now: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Tik Tok: Spotify: Pop-Rock...

"Cotton Candy Lemonade" ou...

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Like A Ghost (prod. Lil Biscuit x Thisislandis)

Latest Single🖤 Out on all platforms too! IG: Spotify: Youtube: Alternative Rock,Emo,Emorap,Sadrap,Lil Peep,Rock...

Latest Single🖤 Out on all ...

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Love Goes

For anyone who's ever been heartbroken where the high becomes the low. Life is difficult, unexpected, and filled with challenges. Dedicate yourself to your spiritual journey to reveal your essential purpose. You will begin to have less interest in anything...

For anyone who's ever been...

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